Engine manufacturers can design and manufacture engine blocks in two different ways, open deck and closed deck.

We prefer close deck designs that we trust and test for durability, and we offer our customers the service of converting open deck blocks to closed deck blocks.

While doing this, we first scan the block design in CNC and transfer it to digital media.

Afterwards, we do support part design work for sleeves according to our experience and research that has developed and accumulated in vehicle and engine modifications for many years.

This part is processed in CNC from aluminum selected according to the desired properties.

Then, a space is made for the support piece made on the block to fit properly.

Since it is the most important part to integrate the part into the block properly, the tolerance work is done accordingly.

The support part is produced with greater tolerance to obtain the desired durability.

The process in the engine block is to open the necessary clearance with a smaller tolerance in order to give the necessary tightness.

For ideal tightness measurements, machined parts must be joined together without damage.

For this reason, the expansion and contraction properties of materials are used.

With the help of liquid nitrogen and heating in the assembly of parts, the materials become suitable for temporary assembly.

In that limited time, it is combined without any damage to the materials.

We equalize and clean the surface of your Closedeck block and make it ready for use.

As a result of the processes we have done, the vibration and movement of the piston liners are minimized.